At the Rehearsals...

How it Works

When arriving at Dunbar Grammar School for Rehearsals please turn right at reception then left into a waiting area.

Change your child as you normally would for ballet, keeping all their shoes and outdoor clothes yourself. Children should wear a cardigan. Please note that children in Grade 2 and upwards should not change in this area, but should wait there until their group is taken into the hall. Older girls will have name stickers, please help them find your child’s sticker, then wait for the children to be taken through to the hall.

After their rehearsal, children will be escorted back to this area for collection. Please note that times may run over due to photos and technical problems, but we do our best to get the children finished on time. 

Your child will have a professional posed photo taken in their costume, which will be available to buy at the Show, the following weekend.

Tickets for the show will also be on sale, along with dance wear products from Footlights Dancewear. 


Rules and Points to Remember

Please park in the lower car park beside the school, not the small one in front.

Eating and drinking (includes water) while in costume is strictly forbidden.

No parents are permitted to enter the hall (except dressers) to avoid distraction.

Earrings must be removed, tape will not be permitted.

Do not wear nail polish or temporary tattoos.

Makeup may be worn, but please wear only blue eyeshadow and red lipstick. Other colours do not look good under stage lighting, and glitter is not allowed. 

Hair must be worn in a tight bun with gel or hairspray, and no fringes. Help is at hand if it is needed!

Older pupils should bring their costumes in a suit carrier or bin liner, ironed (unless told otherwise), and labelled with their name and class. All older pupils must be responsible for all their belongings, costumes and accessories.

Please take your child to the toilet before their rehearsal begins, Toilet trips can cause delays, especially when the child is in costume.