At the Show...

How it Works

The Show runs over three days, during which we do four performances. It usually takes place on the first weekend in December, hence our reputation of marking the start of Christmas in Dunbar, and the dates for this years show are Friday the 6th, Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of December.  On the Friday there is one performance at 6.00pm, on the Saturday there are two performances; one at 3.00pm and one at 6.00pm, and on the Sunday there is one show at 3.00pm. We ask that all dancers arrive at least 30 minutes before the show is due to start, to allow time to get ready. Doors will open for the audience to take their seats as soon as all the young dancers are backstage.

When you arrive, it is important that you park in the lower car park beside the school, as with rehearsals. Parents should change their children's socks and shoes in the social area in the lobby of the school, and keep all their outdoor jackets and shoes. Older girls or helpers will register them and take them backstage, where they will be dressed and looked after by our team of dressers. After the show, they will be brought to the front of the stage where they can be collected and signed out. Please make the dresser responsible for the group aware that you have collected your child.


Rules and Points to Remember

Please park in the lower carpark beside the school.

Eating and drinking (includes water) while in costume is strictly forbidden.

Earrings must be removed, tape will not be permitted.

Do not wear nail polish or temporary tattoos.

Makeup may be worn, but please wear only blue eyeshadow and red lipstick. Other colours do not look good under stage lighting, and glitter is not allowed. 

Hair must be worn in a tight bun with gel or hairspray, and no fringes. Help is at hand if it is needed!

Older pupils should bring their costumes in a suit carrier or bin liner, ironed (unless told otherwise), and labelled with their name and class. All older pupils must be responsible for all their belongings, costumes and accessories.