Summer School 2017

Well Summer School is over for another year, and was, as always, a huge success and a lot of fun for both teachers and pupils. Our Summer School is an annual event, is open from children going into Primary 2 to Primary 7, and consists of a two hour class, every day from Monday to Friday, with each day focussing on a different dance of a different style. This year we did ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre, all on the theme of Disney, a theme popular with teachers and pupils alike!

As our Summer School is open to children of all ages through Primary School, it is a great opportunity for the children to make friends and build up confidence. We really encourage the children to mix together and as well as teaching a dance a day, we also play the infamous "Name Game", in which the children have to quickly find the person whose name is shouted out. This is both great fun and breaks the ice between the age groups, and between the pupils and the older helpers, of which we had five this year from Grades 6 and 7.

We also start each class with a big warm up, stretch and corner work. We do this to fun music and while the exercises are hard at the beginning of the week, the aim is that the children become stronger as the week goes on. We often do not have time for such an in-depth warm up in regular classes, especially with the younger pupils, so this is a good opportunity for them to learn new stretches they can practice at home to improve their strength, stamina and flexibility.

As mentioned previously, this year our dances were ballet, jazz, contemporary, and musical theatre, all to Disney songs. Ballet was to "Go the Distance" from Hercules, jazz was to "One of a Kind" from 101 Dalmatians, contemporary was to "Try Everything" from Zootropolis, and musical theatre was to the classic "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin. The dances were split into three age groups, which became known as Team Rubies (P7) Team Unicorns (P3 -6) and Team Diamonds (P2), to make the dances accessible to all and allow every child a chance to dance their best at the front.

We always have a break time halfway through the class to allow the children to have a snack and drink, but this is also another opportunity to make friends and have fun! Everyone always sit together and we try to discourage the friend groups sitting separately.

On the Friday, the parents are invited to come along and watch the children perform everything they have learned, including the warm up and corner work. This is quite informal as it takes place in the hall, but it is always an enjoyable experience for everyone, and every child makes their parents (and teachers) very proud!

This year we plan to perform our Summer School dances at Hallhill's Charity Day on Sunday the 5th of August and the children will be able to show off their new yellow t-shirts! This is an event in which we will attempt to raise money for this year's Show costumes by selling cakes, hair braiding and selling second hand dancewear. Anyone who is available to help, or can bring home baking or their old leotards, shoes, socks and tights would be very much appreciated!

We would like to finally thank our five Grade 6 and 7 helpers who came along to help make the week run smoothly. Claudia, Michaella, Beth, Isla and Sarah volunteered themselves to help and while they don't get any kind of payment, they were a huge hit with the children and were a huge help to us all.

Thank you very much to everyone who came along to Summer School this year. We had a fantastic week and we hope that everyone else did too! Hope to see as many people as possible on Sunday!

:) xxx