Hallhill Charity Day 2017

Today we went to Hallhill Charity Day so that we could raise money for costumes and promote our school! We were delighted and so grateful that so many people turned up to help out, and brought things to sell.

In total we raised £202.57, to go towards costumes for this year's Christmas Show. As costumes are becoming more and more expensive it has become essential that we fundraise and we are so proud that so many of our dancers are wiling to show pride in their school and help out with this.

Everyone has been thinking of fundraising ideas for weeks, and today our girls did the following:

- Bake sale

- Hair braiding

- Henna tattoos

- Nail polish

- Secondhand dancewear stall

- How many sweets in the jar

- Lucky dip

In addition to all of this, our amazing Summer School pupils performed all their dances for the good people of Dunbar, and did us all proud with their enthusiasm and energy, despite the rain.

Photo credits to Jessica Walker

We cannot thank all those who came along to support us enough, we are so proud of all our dancers, parents and supporters! Hopefully the costumes will feel all the more amazing now that the children have helped to raise money for them themselves!