News - First Week Back

Welcome back everyone! We have had a wonderful first week back and were so happy to see everyone again after the Summer! We hope you have all had a great holiday and are ready for a term of hard work and fun at dancing!

The latest news and information for this term is as follows:


Please remember that fees should be paid on or before the first class of the first week of each term. Please fill in your fee card and return it with your payment or marked online if paying online, also please write your child’s name on the back of cheques. A £5.00 administration fee will be added to any fees paid later than the 2nd week of term. Please do no wait until the last minute to pay. Term 2 fees are due on 30th October.

Contact Details

Please ensure that you give me any changes of address, telephone numbers or email addresses. Thank you.

Footlights Dancewear

Footlights Dancewear from Haddington will be attending Hallhill on Saturday 16th September from 10.00 – 12.00.

School T-Shirts and Hoodies

These can be ordered at any time from the Dunbar T-Shirt shop, 104 High St, Dunbar, Tel; 01450 218 121,

Christmas Show

Preparations for this year’s show are already well under way. Due to increasing problems and upset caused by children missing classes, dropping out of shows or missing rehearsals, all children will be asked to agree to the terms of the school show and to sign up for it this year. Once the dates are confirmed, letters will be handed out. Only the children that return a signed agreement will be allowed to perform in the show.


There will be no classes from 16th – 21st October for the October break, Classes resume on Monday 23rd October. All classes will run as usual during September weekend breaks.

Mobile Phones

Please instruct your children to set phones on silent and keep them out of sight in bags during class. Checking or replying to messages during class is not permitted.


We would appreciate any child wishing to sit out and watch class or wear supports due to injury, bringing a note explaining the injury and treatment being taken. If the injury persists please keep teachers updated with written notes each week.

Teachers Course

As we are continually striving to give our children the very best quality of teaching possible, we attend many teacher’s courses. Miss Mathieson is currently at a 10 day course in Leeds run by the RAD. Her classes this week will be covered by either Miss Knight or Miss Friar. All will be back to normal next week.

Changing Young Children

Please do not undress young children in the bar area at Hallhill. Many of the men using the facilities also, are finding this very uncomfortable and have complained. Please use either the toilets or ask staff at the bar for the changing room key.

Duke of Edinburgh

While we are happy to continue supporting this, we will only do so for those that follow the correct procedure. Students (not parents) should apply to me, in writing if they wish to use dance for any part of the award. They should then hand in their guidance notes card at the beginning of the activity and the accessors report card at the end of the activity.

Exam Results

Yet again we received exceptionally high RAD exam results this year at every level from Primary to Grade 8 and also Vocational Level Intermediate. Congratulations to both pupils and parents for their help and support.

Show Fundraising

Due to the increasingly high costs of running the show, it is now necessary to do as much fundraising as possible. If anyone has any great ideas or time to help raise as much as possible, I’d be very grateful.


We have spaces available in many of the younger children’s classes. If you know anyone that may be interested in joining, please pass on our contact information. We have now posters and flyers to promote the school, if any parents can suggest places to display these I’d be very grateful for your help.

RAD Certificates

All the children have now received their RAD Exam certificates/medals. We are so proud and loved giving them their certificates and medals and seeing their faces. Well done everyone we hope you enjoy displaying them with pride! below are pictures of everyone with their certificates and of all the classes on their first day back.