Haddington Strictly

A few months back, I was working with one of our senior students Robin Stewart for her Higher Dance exam, when I was approached by a lady asking if I would like to be involved in this years "Strictly" competition in Haddington, a charity event in which local celebrities competed alongside professional dancers to raise money for a local charity. I said I wasn't available, but Robin jumped at the chance to join in and before long was partnered up and rehearsing for the contest.

A few weeks before the big night, Bet the organiser, came into classes asking if we would have anyone who could perform at halftime to entertain the crowd after the voting. Of course we said yes and decided that the ideal class for the job would be our Grade 7s, as they had done a dance to In the Mood in last years show, which they could still remember. The class were over the moon to get the chance to wear their ultra sparkly dresses and hats again and we all couldn't wait for the competition, as now we had two acts representing our school to support!

And so last night came around and having been involved myself a few years ago as a professional, I was so excited to get the opportunity to watch the couples perform myself. The girls and Robin looked amazing, and very sparkly. Robin and her partner Ian performed a Disco dance to Boogie Wonderland and got amazing support from the audience. We were so proud as Robin had choreographed all of the routine herself and also taught her partner to dance. We were so happy to support Robin last night especially as she starts at College in Manchester in a few weeks where she will study dance in the hopes of becoming a dance teacher herself one day. We could not be prouder of her for her achievements in the school and for her great performance last night!

Half time came around and before the food was served our Grade 7s took to the floor. Their sparkly dresses and smiles lit up the room as they entered to the Strictly theme tune and took their places. The dance was performed perfectly and with such enthusiasm that the crowd were behind them the whole time, cheering throughout the performance. Countless people commented on the talent, spirit and energy that the girls displayed and I totally agreed with them, I am one proud teacher tonight!

Thank you so much Robin for inviting me along, it was a truly lovely evening, made even more special that we had people to support. Well done again for taking part and for your amazing performance! Thank you Grade 7 for representing your school so well and for doing us all proud. You all stole the show. Photos and videos of the two dances can be found below. Well done everyone again.

Robin and Ian - Boogie Wonderland

Grade 7 - In the Mood