Dunbar Christmas Lights 2017

Tonight we had the honour of dancing at Dunbar Christmas Light Switch On! We had over fifty children performing some of their show dances to the people of Dunbar as we waited for the lights to be switched on.

Wrapped up in hats and scarves, our dancers gave it their all. It was absolutely freezing but that didn't stop our students making the most of the opportunity to show off their dancing!

So proud of all our dancers tonight, thank you so much to you all for coming out in the cold to support us and to show the good people of Dunbar just how good we are!

Lots of love xxx

Our younger children just love their "Sparkle and Shine" dance!

Micky and Isla having fun joining in with the children's dance to "Sparkle and Shine"!

Strike a pose ladies!

We were so lucky to have so many of our younger children come out to dance!

Nice hoodies girls!

Our Grade 5s had a ball showing off their energetic dance to "Footloose"!

Love when our pupils represent us in their fabulous hoodies, available from Dunbar T-Shirt Shop on the High Street

It may be Christmas, but our Grade 3s were "Walking on Sunshine"!!!

Our amazing Grade 4s got the crowd going with their dance to "Waterloo"!

Go Micky!!

Our Grade 7s have endless energy which they showed off with their dance to "Shake Your Groove Thing".

Shake it, shake it!

It doesn't matter how cold it is, our Primary girls never stop smiling!

Mia and Alisha "Shaking It"!

What an end to our performance! Well done Grade 7, you smashed it as always, and if there was a roof you would have brought it down.

It's always fun for our younger dancers to watch the older ones performing! They love to watch them and imagine themselves doing the same in the future.